Red Bulldog tickets = WORST COMPANY EVER!!!

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I purchased tickets from this company in October and had nothing but problems with them.First FedEx wouldn't leave the package at my door and sent my package to a processing center in Tennessee.

When they tried to charge me extra to get them back I contacted Red Bulldog Tickets to see what could be done about it. The woman, I think her name is Debbie, assured me FedEx was being ridiculous and she would get my tickets back and sent to me. I waited patiently. Two weeks ago she left me a voicemail saying she had my tickets and I should receive them in a couple of days.

Two weeks later, I still don't have them. I called to find out what happened and she told me she didn't have my tickets!!! She lied!! Again I waited patiently, and then I noticed a $15.00 charge to my account that I didn't authorize.

When I directly asked about the charge, she avoided the question. Again I asked and then she told me it was what FedEx charged her to get my tickets back! In the many conversations we had she never once mentioned an additional charge, but decided to go behind my back and charge me anyway. In her response email she made te company look even more unprofessional by spelling nearly every other word wrong.

Do NOT use this company!!!

Save yourself the hassle and use someone else!!!!They are a terrible company with ern worse customer service!!!

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